About Adobe Home Tour

The  Adobe Home tour is a tour of architecturally unique homes in the Escondido California area. The home tour is produced by volunteers, most are local Adobe home owners, in collaboration with the Escondido History Center and all proceeds go directly to the History Center to further the preservation of the unique history of the Adobe homes in the Escondido region. Escondido California began as Juan Batista Alvarado’s ranch known as Rincon Del Diablo and was a one of the many land grants issued by Mexico. The land was later acquired by the Escondido Land and Town Company and divided into smaller farms where the area remained an agricultural center for many years. It was during this time in 1888 that some of the first Adobe structures appeared in the Escondido area.

The Escondido area has a rich history of Adobe structure and has the highest concentration of Adobe homes and structures anywhere in the country outside of New Mexico. This is largely due to the proliferation of builders like the Weir Brothers and George Patterson who specialized in Adobe construction and the various other contractors and builders who learned the art of adobe construction and built independently.

The state of California made significant changes to building codes in the early 1980’s that cooled the Adobe building boom and as a result very few new Adobe homes have been built. Most adobe home owners laugh at the prospect of Adobe home having seismic issues as the construction and building principals used by the builders in the area produced rock solid structures that will remain standing. The Adobe builders were building environmentally friendly ‘green’ homes well before there was a thing, as most of the homes were built with the bricks made on site and the thermal properties of Adobe means the homes use less energy for heating and cooling.

The fact that Adobe homes will never be built on a large scale again in California means that the Escondido area has a collection of Adobe homes that will remain architecturally unique. As the years progress and building styles change the beauty of the Adobe homes remains unchanged and continues to add to the historical value of the area. The Adobe Home Tour was started to make these unique and beautiful homes available for public viewing. For those interested in architecture, history, or just beautiful homes, the home tour offers a chance to see homes that were built in with a style that is unique to the region.

The tour is sponsored by the Escondido History Center.

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