Builders and Craftsmen

North San Diego County Adobe Builders

Between 1950 and the mid-1980’s a number of architects, designers, developers and builders made use of locally available adobe blocks to build homes and commercial buildings throughout the area.  A few of the more prominent ones are listed here, click on them for more info:

Don Burton Master Adobe Builder

Arrowsmith-Burton Adobe project list address draft 4

burton block invoice for 2805 ross lane


Weir Brothers, Weir Bros. and Larry Weir Adobe

This is a partial Weir Bros. project list


Patterson Development Company 


Articles about Forrest Holly, a blind adobe brick-maker and builder from Ramona:

Holly Blind Man adobe SDU 03 21 1951

Holly Adobe Mt Helix area SDU 08 24 1952


James Skidmore, Artist and Carpenter


Bob Minkler, Home Designer and Draftsman