Local newspaper articles

An advertisement from the L R Green brick factory, date unknown

Below are some vintage articles about local Adobe construction, with some history of the brick factory in Escondido, and planned housing tracts of Adobe homes.  Cost (compared to conventional construction) and some code requirements for earthquake reinforcing (at the time) are mentioned in the 1968 article.

Paxton Green Adobe SDU 05 01 1949

Adobe homes revive SDU F 04 21 1968

Adobe homes revive SDU F8 04 21 1968

Adobe homes revive SDU F9 04 21 1968

Additional articles of Adobe vacation home building in Baja, and of a huge Adobe home in Rancho Santa Fe:

RSF Friedkin SDU f1 May 14 1967

La Mission SDU f8 May 14 1967

RSF Friedkin SDU f9 May 14 1967

RSF Friedkin SDU May 07 1967

Articles about Pauma Valley Country Club, where several Adobe homes were built:

PV Country Club SDU f1 Mar 12 1967

PV Country Club SDU f3 Mar 12 1967

PVCC history SDU B3 Feb 1976